A high quality, sustainable and affordable sanitary pad.


MakaPads was created to solve the issue that many young girls and women across Uganda cannot afford nor have access to the products they need.


MakaPads are sanitary pads made from papyrus and paper waste. The naturally absorbent material has a high capacity (one pad can be used for 8 to 10 hours). Contrary to most other sanitary pads on the market, there is no additional absorption enhancement required. They are assembled with a moisture barrier and mesh covering and can be purchased with or without an adhesive.

The dried and pulverised papyrus fibres are processed into a thick paste with paper and water. This is dried in the sun, smoothed, pressed and cut to size into absorbent inserts with mechanically operated machines. The pads are sealed in packs of three and then exposed to ultra violet light to kill off all bacteria or germs. Because the sanitary napkins are made of natural material and do not contain any chemical additives, they are almost 100% biodegradable and do not cause any intolerances. The mostly manual production process needs very little electrical energy and can be generated via solar panels of total wattage 350 W. Subsequently, Makapads are produced with minimum carbon footprints


01. Sustainability of Cost

MakaPads is able to sustain in perpetuity on the market as an affordable option to low income and vulnerable women in the event it is not provided for free by donors.

02. Hygienic and Environmentally Friendly

The product provides a safe, inclusive and environmentally sustainable menstrual hygiene, management solution, without creating health hazards from unsanitary use and disposal. MakaPads uses materials that are renewable, efficient and minimally degrading of the environment throughout its lifecycle.

03. Breaking Down Social Barriers

The product does not require a shift in social or cultural practices, values or standards to be used successfully and safely. By improving access of these products to school girls, attendance is improved, and opportunities are not missed.

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