T4T Story

T4T was founded by the late Eng. Dr Moses Kizza Musaazi (1951 – 2018), a father and a teacher who could not stop innovating for the good of people and the environment.

His research work has roots from Uganda’s prominent Makerere University where he worked from 1975 till his death.

He was inspired by the need to fulfil the basic needs of households, the girl child and to protect the environment amongst other categories. He tackled general situations such as Low-cost housing construction, Rain Water harvesting, Menstrual Hygiene Management, access to clean water, solid waste management, food security etc.

He was a mentor who inspired his staff and students to think and develop practical solutions to social challenges. In response to these challenges, he developed appropriate technologies.

T4T was born and registered in 2008 as a vehicle to provide appropriate technology to solve household needs, promote menstrual hygiene and to improve waste management around Africa.

“I think things through from beginning to the end, because when people need this, they’ll also need that, and there’s always a great need and to waste something is a catastrophe.”

 Eng. Dr M. K. Musaazi.

At Technology for Tomorrow, we believe that appropriate technology has the potential to unlock several global challenges, particularly in developing countries. Appropriate technology here refers to technologies for basic needs that are affordable, utilize locally available materials and skills and provide employment opportunities. The technologies we employ are based on sound science and engineering principles backed by an understanding of the local context and challenges.

Our key pillars are research and sustainable innovation and this is just the beginning (Gakyali Mabaga) of ultimately accelerating the dawn of cleaner, cost-efficient and biodegradable products- that’s the future we want.


Over the years T4T has worked with a broad range of organizations to deliver its path-breaking solutions. These partners include; Siemens Stiftung, IOM, LWF, Baylor Uganda, Knickers for Life, WaterAid, Water for People, Habitat for Humanity, UNCST, Jane Goodall Trust, etc. T4T works with architects, engineers, social scientists, artisans and communities to realize our goals.


To create a world where technology is good for and betters the environment.


To improve lives through appropriate technology.


Appropriate solutions
Environmental Sustainability

Our Team

Paul Kimera

CEO/ Lead Civil Engineer

Nakitto Katheryn

Manager Operations/ Maka Pads Coordinator

Jjuuko Kwagala

Lead Architect

Nicholas Kasekende

Technical Lead Incinerators

Emmanuel Miyingo

Electrical Engineer