A fuel efficient, and affordable stove for household and commercial needs. 

A fuel efficient, and affordable stove for household and commercial needs.

  • Fuel Efficient
  • Low Emissions
  • Durable and Long lasting


MakaStove was created to improve the quality of stoves, with better fuel efficiency and, most importantly, make it affordable. It is available in two size; standard and large. Making it perfect for family use as well as for businesses or schools.

01. Fuel Efficient

  • Heat retention – heated blocks retain heat for hours
  • Contained flame – heat is not lost as in an open fire
  • Less fuel – heat retention and the contained flame mean less fuel required and less time collecting fuel
  • Fuel type – wood or charcoal
  • Environment – reduces: forest & swamp loss, land erosion, CO2 emissions

02. Safety

  • Contained flame – flame and sparks are not exposed
  • Cool exterior – outside of blocks remain cool to the touch
  • Health – less fuel usage means less smoke inhalation and eye irritation

03. Other

  • Longevity – last forever (metal stoves fatigue over time)
  • Good Investment – stove cost will be made up quickly in less fuel expense
  • Income – profitable to sell
  • Convenience – pots sit on a level surface
  • Comfort – can be built to a standing height
  • Contained flame – flame and sparks are not exposed
  • Cool exterior – outside of blocks remain cool to the touch
  • Health – less fuel usage means less smoke inhalation and eye irritation

Mark IV Bulk Load Incinerator


Mark IV Bulk load Incinerator


FEED MODE: Bulk load


DESTRUCTION RATE: 100kg per hour


AVERAGE TEMPERATURE: 850 Degrees Centigrade


CASING MATERIAL: Galvanized Steel



WARRANTY: 2 Years if used 2 hours Daily


OPERATOR CLOTHING PROVIDED: Googles, Nose mask, Gumboots, Heavy duty gloves, Overalls


The MAK Bulk Load incinerator has been designed to respond to the need for an affordable but environmentally safer way to dispose off Health Care Waste (HCW). Toxic and Particulate emissions are drastically reduced.

The MAK Bulk Load incinerator’s ability to self sustain combustion in the absence of auxiliary fuel is a key to its sustainability particularly in countries affected by deforestation and in context of rapidly depleting supplies of fossil fuels.

Health Care Waste [HCW] is a by–product of health care that includes sharps, non sharps, blood, body parts, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and radio active materials. Poor management of HCW exposes Health Workers, Waste Handlers and the community to infectious , toxic effects and injuries.

The two chambered design for MAK Bulk Load incinerator provide a gentle classification of waste i.e solids, liquids and gases.
This gives a sufficiently long retention time of the waste gases in the system thus securing total combustion of all combustible waste. During this phase the incinerator is environmentally friendly.


Once the incinerator is started, the appearance of a strong stable yellow flame in the secondary chamber is a clear indication of 700deg centigrade and above. This is viewed through the air intake hole on the secondary chamber.

WHO Recommendation

World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends small-scale incineration as an affordable and safer alternative to open pit burning or burial.
This is common in the third world countries where HCW management
infrastructure is poor.

All MAK Bulk Load Incinerators are purely stainless steel combustion chambers and chimney, not steel.
The incinerator has two combustion chambers; that’s the Primary chamber catering for destruction of solid waste at an average temperature of 850 C and Secondary chamber for destruction of gaseous waste 900 C. Medical waste is loaded in bulk at once per load.The unit is pre-fabricated in the workshop and transported on a truck with a self-loader.
Maintenance and repair can also be undertaken locally with minimal technical assistance.

MAK Bulk Load incinerator is pre-heated and burned down with locally available paper waste or card boards from the pharmacy department. Sorting of HCW is the key to the above success. Waste is loaded in the primary chamber according to the moisture content.
Once pre-heated, the incinerator uses the caloric value of the incinerated waste to maintain high temperature of above 900 C, thus greatly minimizing the operating cost of the system relative to diesel / electric / biomass assisted combustion processes.


  •  Waste is loaded at once
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Auto combustion/ fuel free
  • Temperature performance 900 °C
  • User friendly and portable
  • Durable
  • Reduce waste to 96%
  • Operator safety




A high quality, sustainable and affordable sanitary pad.


MakaPads was created to solve the issue that many young girls and women across Uganda cannot afford nor have access to the products they need.


MakaPads are sanitary pads made from papyrus and paper waste. The naturally absorbent material has a high capacity (one pad can be used for 8 to 10 hours). Contrary to most other sanitary pads on the market, there is no additional absorption enhancement required. They are assembled with a moisture barrier and mesh covering and can be purchased with or without an adhesive.

The dried and pulverised papyrus fibres are processed into a thick paste with paper and water. This is dried in the sun, smoothed, pressed and cut to size into absorbent inserts with mechanically operated machines. The pads are sealed in packs of three and then exposed to ultra violet light to kill off all bacteria or germs. Because the sanitary napkins are made of natural material and do not contain any chemical additives, they are almost 100% biodegradable and do not cause any intolerances. The mostly manual production process needs very little electrical energy and can be generated via solar panels of total wattage 350 W. Subsequently, Makapads are produced with minimum carbon footprints


01. Sustainability of Cost

MakaPads is able to sustain in perpetuity on the market as an affordable option to low income and vulnerable women in the event it is not provided for free by donors.

02. Hygienic and Environmentally Friendly

The product provides a safe, inclusive and environmentally sustainable menstrual hygiene, management solution, without creating health hazards from unsanitary use and disposal. MakaPads uses materials that are renewable, efficient and minimally degrading of the environment throughout its lifecycle.

03. Breaking Down Social Barriers

The product does not require a shift in social or cultural practices, values or standards to be used successfully and safely. By improving access of these products to school girls, attendance is improved, and opportunities are not missed.

Mazzigo Tanks



Provide a reliable supply of clean water for multiple uses utilizing God-given rainwater.
The Mazzigo tanks an innovation of Eng. Dr. Moses Musaazi, was in response to the great need for water for domestic use. It eliminated the burden of women and children walking long distances to collect water for basic needs. The technology has evolved to provide stand-alone water supply for schools and homes integrating pumps and water filters and providing clean piped water supply.
A range of tank sizes can be built from as small as 10,000l capacity to as large as 200,000l capacity. The tanks can be built both above ground and underground. With these large tank sizes that cost significantly less per litre than other tanks on the market, MazziGo tanks have extended the boundaries with regard to the reliability of rainwater supply and has become a valuable means for schools, hospitals and homes to save on water costs.




Provide affordable Houses and Institutions in an environmentally sustainable manner. Eng. Dr. Moses Musaazi developed the ISSB technology to mitigate high costs of construction and at the same time mitigate climate change due to deforestation caused by fire burnt bricks. Today ISSB is being used to build hospitals, schools and homes across the country, as well as shelter for refugees in settlements. The versatile technology has been well adopted in the housing sector with the construction of bungalows, storied apartments and the most affordable housing options.

Versatile ISSB



ISSBs have been adapted to do many other things: water towers, bed support, columns, stoves, slabs, pit lining.
Provide an affordable method of cooking with minumum energy.
The Maka stove, another innovation of Eng. Dr. Moses Musaazi, was nvisioned as a cheaper, more energy efficient, time saving device for cooking.
Different sizes can be built from as small as 0.5 meter diameter to larger diameters depending on the size of saucepan or pot. The stoves are easy to assemble, affordable and are installed in homes as well as institutions . They reduce the amount of fuel needed for cooking by as much as 50%.